Blockchain Is Powering The Digital Economy By Unlocking Pathbreaking Applications.


Experts around the world are converging on the fact that Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the business landscape in a big way. Turns out, it is definitely creating a wave of digital disruption that is unseen and unheard of. Simply put, blockchain is the underlying technology for creating, processing, and transacting cryptocurrencies. The […]

Is DevOps Disrupting the Digital Economy?

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One of the trending IT revolutions, DevOps has become a phenomenon of sorts. The approach has an innovative divergence from the traditional programming methods. It is comprehensively helping businesses in terms of releasing their products quicker and more efficiently. So the pertinent question emerges, Does the future hold a special place for DevOps? Let’s try […]

How Technology is Transforming the Future of Education

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In last few years a new learning model is growing through classroom as an educator or teacher has been started teaching in classroom with New mode of technology, normally the education industries known for its slow adopter of technology or innovations in classroom studies now with changing scenario of technology in education it is impossible […]

Best Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to be considered in 2019

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Organizations depend heavily on experiences to settle on educated choices dependent on fact, patterns and statistical models. With so much information accessible and produced every day, organizations should be skilled in catching, enhancing and handling the information that issues the most. Information fills insight of knowledge on improving personalization, evaluating, benefit and development. Information Management […]

Google likes to implement encryption to all with “Adiantum”

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Google has another type of encryption known as Adiantum. its intended to bring storage encryption to less expensive Android gadgets without affecting execution. Presently, gadgets, for example, low-fueled Android Go cell phones, Smart watches, and TVs fall beneath Google’s performance slandered for encryption. With Adiantum, Google says that each Android gadget can be encoded or […]

Digital Transformations

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In a Challenging and demanding Digital environment, MernotInc has served several clients across different segments of the organization to transform their business by adequately utilizing and coordinating several cutting edge digital technologies to improve essential enterprise services and customer experience. Our unique and techno methodologies enable a structured approach to achieve the required transformation with […]

Software Trends in 2019

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Technology and software are continually evolving. Therefore, it very well may be hard to keep over new trend and patterns. However, remaining in the know regarding new advancements is additionally basic to business and career achievement. Organizations and experts who don’t use the most recent development rapidly observe their items and abilities go stale. All […]

How the Internet of Things Changes Business Models

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of things associated with one another and portrays a biological community including items, availability and application/administrations. There are an of projections on the extent of the market by 2020 and the projections vary impressively yet all projections consent to at least $1 trillion or more expansion to monetary […]