How Technology is Transforming the Future of Education

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In last few years a new learning model is growing through classroom as an educator or teacher has been started teaching in classroom with New mode of technology, normally the education industries known for its slow adopter of technology or innovations in classroom studies now with changing scenario of technology in education it is impossible to ignore new technological advancement. The entire landscape of the education in the IT services is changing globally and rapidly new trends and innovations emerging every year.

Some Innovation shape up in past years


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Artificial intelligence has started gaining popularity in the homelike google home and Amazon Alexa devices, it is gradually changing the way educators think about classroom study works. AI is gradually disrupting the experiences of both students and teaching professionals alike.

New Tools like Professor Einstein, a robotic representation of Albert Einstein, help teach younger students about science studies. The robot can give lectures, answer questions, make jokes, and even helps relate to students by using silly facial expressions. Other tools like this are being implanted under curriculum, such as spelling and math.

AI won’t simply be an important expansion to understudies; in 2019 the business will start to see more tools presented that will benefit teachers. Chatbots and grading assistant are few examples AI platform will enable experts to invest more energy and time educating and less time with administrative works.

Micro learning

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Micro learning is one of the most emerging trends of 2019. It is known to as bit size learning. It is a short learning piece of three to five minutes, intended to meet a particular learning way. While it very well may be utilized for formal training, it is significantly utilized in casual learning.

Micro learning is design for and intends in rich media positions Their accessibility on multiple mobile applications devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops make them an ideal fit for just-in-time training organizations can utilize micro learning for formal preparing just as for learning at work. Micro learning is perfect for diverted or occupied corporate students, as it offers them the chance to fabricate their insight base when it’s most helpful for them.

Mobile Learning

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As the trend of information technology in the classroom continues on an upward stick we will soon be going to see mobile learning platforms take over the classroom studies. According to the Pew Center for Research, 73% of teenagers have access to a smartphone and as time goes on this number will continue to rise upward Educators understand that connecting mobile technology in and outside of the classroom can help provide a more integrated learning experience for their students.

The capacity to share content and propel through gamification of these applications is additionally observed as an added advantage. incorporating computer games with the dimension up mindset can help persuade understudies increment efficiency and have been appeared to expand the measure of information student hold

We understand that students tend to retain more information when their curriculum is tailored to their learning style and speed. Mobile learning platforms allow educators to utilize big data analytics not only to review learner preferences carefully but also to understand what may or may not be working in a particular curriculum. This makes it easier for educators to customize an education plan for their classroom,


Virtual reality
Using augmented and virtual reality will help teachers provide an enhanced experience in the classroom. Blackboard learning days are over modern teachers understand that keeping each student engaged throughout the lesson not only lets them spend more time teaching and retention, Virtual reality applications allow students to step into a world outside the classroom. These experiences are not possible without this new emerging technology. Companies like Unimersiv offer multiple platforms from the higher-end Oculus to the more obtainable Google Cardboard.

Augmented reality is just another way to show content to students in a more detailed manner. In virtual reality, AR brings digital representations of different artifacts into the classroom. A see and control these items to pick up a superior understanding just as enthusiasm for further investigation. The objective here is to keep the understudies charmed and connected all through the exercise and past.

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